Frequently Asked Questions

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We use a private in-house lender who is committed to helping people rebuild their credit. As long as you have stable income, stable residency and the desire to rebuild your credit, you’re approved.

Typically, buy here pay here dealerships are those that finance their own vehicles. Because we use a private lender, our dealerships have to maintain a level of quality in our vehicles and customer service that is above the standards of other buy here pay here dealers. That is why all of our vehicles are put through a dealer-certification process and come with a 30-month/30k mile warranty, 30-month oil change service, 30-month tire rotation service, 30-month towing assistance for mechanical issues, and lifetime state safety inspections!

We report your loan to the credit bureau on a monthly basis. Having a good car loan on your credit may boost your credit score by over 100 points. And our commitment to your credit restoration doesn’t end there… Once you join our family, our credit experts will offer counseling services for your existing loan!

Not at all! Because we specialize in helping people with bad or no credit, our down payments do not change because of your credit status. The only reason we may ask for more money down would be if we were trying to lower your monthly payments to better fit you budget.

Absolutely; in fact, that is one of our specialties!

Yes; we can still get you approved with prior repossessions.

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